Patio Quotes: Comparing Apples with Apples

By Jo Miller

May 31

The Importance of comparing 'Apples to Apples'

So, you’ve got a few patio quotes to help you build the outdoor entertaining area of your dreams, but, how do you go about comparing them against each other? This is STEP 1 in helping you make the right choice when creating an outdoor living space that’s just right, for you.

Patio Quotes: Questions to Ask Your Patio Builder
STEP 1: Check What’s Included…or More Importantly what’s Excluded

This initial stage is exciting, but it can also daunting!  Seeking out Sunshine Coast companies to provide you with a design and quote to extend your outdoor living space is crucial in helping you create a stunning patio for endless days of enjoyment for years to come.

It’s the crucial point in making the right choice for you and your property, whether it be in Mooloolaba, Caloundra, Noosa or the Hinterland, whichever company you choose, the most important decision to make is, have they listened to you and what’s on your wish list, and designed a patio that complements your lifestyle and your existing home? Get it right and watch the value of your home sky rocket!

Make sure you comparing ‘apple with apples’ and not, well - ‘apples with oranges’!

While the patio quotes you’ve got might all look similar, it’s important to check the details of each very carefully!  
Here are some points to consider:

  • Does the design complement your existing home?
  • What materials have been included and are they the same in all the quotes?
  • Will the supplier organise the entire build from start to finish, organising all the relevant tradies for you?
  • Will the company provide you with a name of a past customer who has had a warranty claim? It’s a great way of checking if it was an easy process?
  • Is the warranty for the structure the same for each quote, and is it any good?
  • Will the company provide you with a name of a past customer who has had a warranty claim? It’s a great way of checking if it was an easy process?
  • What’s their after sales service like?
  • Check out their Facebook page, do they have reviews? Check the bad reviews and determine if it’s a valid review or not, did the company respond to that review?
  • Is there a dedicated project manager assigned to your build? It’s important to know that if there are any issues, you have one person to call to ask for help after you've accepted the patio quote.
  • What’s the lead time like? Is it within your timeframe?

AND FINALLY, compare the price! That’s unusual right, we usually compare the price first! It’s worth checking all the quotes thoroughly based on what they have designed, the materials they are using, their warranty and project management involvement before looking at the price!

If you check out the price first, it’s easy to rule that quote out without looking further.  You never know, that quote to contain all the things you could hope for in your dream patio.

Once you’ve singled out the patio quotes you like best, the ultimate test is to remember why you wanted to extend your outdoor living space in the first place, was it so that you could enjoy more family time, build a dream entertainment area? Whatever it was, which quote best meets that brief?

Did you know? According to Charlie Albone from Selling Houses Australia“a great way to add extra value to your home is to make more useable living space out in the garden…adding a pergola to an entertaining area is a great way to increase the impact in the landscape. By covering it you can make the space more useable come rain, hail or shine.  An actual structure can add even more value. Even if you have a small land area, you can still add value by adding an awning to the patio. Now it’s a useable dining space even in wet weather.  Adding a living space to your garden not only adds value, but it goes hand in hand with the outdoor Australian, laid-back lifestyle.” 

Stay tuned for our next BLOG - Choosing a Design – To suit you not the builder!