Design Tips to Create an Awesome Outdoor Living Space

By Jo Miller

Jun 01

Choose the right design for your outdoor living space and watch the enjoyment, not to mention the value of your home soar!

In today’s competitive housing market, a feature, like an amazing outdoor living space can be the single reason someone else falls in love with your home. Or, if the design is wrong, it could be the single reason they don’t!

Whether you’re looking to extend your outdoor living space to simply enjoy your home, or to add to its’ value for resale purposes, Patios Australia Sunshine Coast has some great advice about choosing the right design to help you make the right choice.

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One of the first considerations when choosing your outdoor living design is its’ function.  Think about what you want to use the space for?  If it’s for entertaining by a pool area, you’ll need to consider how ‘open’ you want the design to be.  Or, if you want a peaceful hideaway, would you like the design to embrace the surrounding views while providing you with shade?  And, the million-dollar question of course, how big or small do you want the space to be?

It’s also important to consider the design and size of your current home.  The outdoor living space should complement your existing home and, once built, should feel like it’s always been there.

Here’s a tip:

Create a vision board of what you want.  Show the board to the team at Patios Australia Sunshine Coast.  They will work with you to design the ideal outdoor living space for you and your home.  And, most importantly, they’ll work with you to meet your budget too.

Easy Design Options to improve your Lifestyle

Your design needs to flow…

On her website, Undercover Architect, Amelia Lee highlights “10 things (to consider) to make your deck or outdoor living room great” and we think she’s summarised them perfectly – here are her top 10, feel free to check out her website for more information:

  1. Shade – be comfortable outdoors
  2. Shelter – for all year comfort
  3. Privacy – creating a private place to enjoy
  4. Make it a space for all seasons – (think “fireplace”)
  5. Think about cooking and access to food prep areas (BBQs and kitchens)
  6. Create a connection between inside and out
  7. Size it right – for its purpose and function
  8. Provide alternative sitting locations
  9. Consider maintenance when choosing materials
  10. Design your balustrades for fun and function

Amelia says, “As a wife, and mum to these crazy 3, and as an architect and serial renovator, I know when you ‘get it right’ with your reno or new build, it makes life simpler, more fun and creates a family home that works – now and into the future.”

So, if you’re fortunate enough to call the beautiful Sunshine Coast your home, and you live anywhere from Mooloolaba, Maroochydore, Caloundra to Noosa, why not give your team at PATIOS AUSTRALIA Sunshine Coast a call.  Their patio builder team are the local experts in customised outdoor living solutions so you get exactly what’s on your vision board!

Patios Australia Sunshine Coast has years of experience in designing outdoor living spaces, if you’ve chosen us, you’re already on the right path.

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