Add Value to your home: Things You Should Do

By Jo Miller

Jul 20

How to increase the value of your home in a few simple steps. Follow these tips, and your home will be worth more before you know it.

Whatever your budget or size of your home, there are cost-effective ways to increase its value and liveability simply and effectively.

For most of us, working within a budget is a fundament part of any home improvement.  What’s most important when we do spend money, is making sure we get as much bang for our buck as possible while adding value.  These tips will not only help you increase the value of your home but your enjoyment of it too!

So, what’s the first step? that’s the easy part! plan, plan and plan some more.

So, get ready and arm yourself with a notebook and pen and take a walk around your home.  Make sure you have a critical eye and try to imagine the changes you’d like to make and then consider these options as you walk around and write them down:

  • Simple changes to taps, door handles and electricity sockets can make a dramatic first impression.  Are your existing fixtures in need of an upgrade?
  • Are the kitchen and bathroom cabinets looking tired? there are great paint options available to freshen up doors and units.  Once painted this simple task can transform an old tired unit into something of beauty!
  • Is the outdoor living area looking sad or uninviting? check out the web for patios ideas and or patio furniture ideas to create an outdoor living area you want to spend time in.
  • How’s the curb appeal of your home? a simple tidy up of your garden or the addition of an inviting gazebo could add thousands to your home.
  • Take advantage of our location! The Sunshine Coast is great for anything that allows us to enjoy our outdoor living areas.  A simple gazebo, patio awning or patio flyover can add thousands of dollars to your home.

Once you have your list, put the items in priority order – what you need to do and what you’d like to do!  The following checklist might help you nail down those tasks into management sizes:

  1. Do you want to make home improvements internally or externally? or maybe both?
  2. Identify your budget – how much have you got to invest in the renovations?
  3. Can you do some or all of the work yourself or do you need an external contractor?
  4. What changes are going to reap the highest rewards, in terms of personal enjoyment and financial gain to your home?
  5. Can you make improvements to your outdoor living area?

Invite a real estate agent to visit your home

It might be worth considering inviting a real estate agent to attend your home and provide you with a property valuation before the renovations begin.  Show them your list and ask them what they think will add value.  Afterall, they’re the ones in the know about the property market and know what attracts buyers to homes.

If you’ve identified that you need, okay, maybe want, an outdoor living area, contact one of our team for an obligation free site inspection.  Like the real estate agents, they know how to add value to your home and, most importantly, what’s going to suit your property.

Organise a free onsite inspection

Contact us today for your free onsite inspection.  Our team would be happy to help you discuss ideas for external home improvements and create an outdoor living area that will be the envy of your friends!

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